Life of cats: magic and wisdom

I wonder what my cats think about when they’re prancing around the house. They get into all kinds of trouble: hiding in closets, digging dirt from the flower pots, running to the neighbor’s house, or spilling my hot chocolate over the desk. What goes on behind those bulbous blue eyes? Sometimes I think they’re merely observing, taking special note to understand us, perhaps testing us with their mischievousness, and bewitching us with their cuteness. I often find my cats staring at me from the corner, nudging me with their furry heads, or taking naps in the comfiest spot in the house. Cats teach us to look at the small things— taking notice in the minute details of life. They make an ordinary day into a silly, playful adventure. They get excited when there’s a new  box to play with or when there’s a shiny object around. In the garden they hunt, run around, hide and dream about trapping butterflies and birds. We observe them together. Once we both tried to get close to a white butterfly and it fled away, capturing the last light of summer. More than anything my cats have taught me to quiet down and settle into the sounds of nature.


My cats are spies.


The furry one meditates under the sun.


Reading an intense essay is child’s play.


Birdwatching is a natural talent.


The confiest spot in the house.
They take warm naps.


They watch cat videos.
They watch cat videos.


And scout for prey behind flowers while still looking pretty.


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