Notes: California Daydream

Twisted tree in the Sentinel Dome (Yosemite National Park), and the “watch-tower” views. Image: Cynthia Via


This trip was a calm realization—soft rain on a summer morning in San Francisco, pine trees outlining the distance, a foggy road near the coast, tumultuous waves on the last day.

To know yourself when met with the unlikely strangeness of the world, long roads, conversations with strangers, and new adventures with old friends.

To close yourself is to say I can only learn this much; I can only live within the structures I’ve imposed. Reaction to new circumstances allows you to grow. Whether good or bad you take it in, understanding that it’s not the end, the road continues.

The changing landscape of California makes spirituality rise from nature, and not from the small corners of ideological belief.

Trust your eyes to see it present— that it’s nature and billions of years to arrive here by chaotic pieces of the universe, that allows a life of proportions, between the extremes.

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