Car accident and parrots


I abruptly stopped by bike when a few feet in front of me a truck, carrying some sort of fuel turned over on its side and crashed into another car. The momentum brought both cars to the sidewalk and the truck went up in flames expelling a big ball of fire. This happened below a short tunnel. The big ball of fire was so present and suddenly in front of me, but I guess it didn’t kill me because I was still walking, and it did not burn me. On the floor a rainbow of colors mostly of the blue, greenish hue expanded within a puddle of clear gasoline. A large group of green and blue parrots appeared flying around and the smelling the liquid. I imagined it was toxic for them and they shook their hands almost weakened by the smell. I ran to the beach, leaving my bike next to a pole. I had grown tired of biking and I guess the accident had taken something out of me. I didn’t want to deal with the accident, so I walked down a side street that led to a deserted beach. The blue of the water vibrant and unreal. I wondered if it was a mirage. I swam there for a while at first scared of the giant waves, angry that it was relentless, but then my anxiety faded, and I swam with the waves not against them, allowing myself to be free.

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