Seeing if a path becomes a mirror of one’s self.

How does one get off the monotonous train, the one that seems to go on forever? I’m constantly thinking about the ideal place to be as a writer, and I’ve come to the realization that place, is a long journey away. It isn’t so much about the grandiosity of the final stop, but the days in between, filled with small but meaningful accomplishments that add to the full picture of who you are and where you’re headed.

 Portrait of June is a way to document my thoughts, reveries, episodes on traveling, being far from home, discovering new cities, and my need to be close to nature. How does one cope with the strains of modern life (finding relevant work, a descent place to live, time to write, regular escapes into the woods, and political activism without being overwhelmed by the current national drama)? I often find motivation through other writers, artists, friends and strangers who help me understand my own doubts and reservations. Talking to them about their writing process and creative projects sparks something in me.

We wake up with questions about the world, and in the day we capture the realities often imbued with a quiet sense of magic. Here you’ll find non-fiction on nature and travel, updates on the writing life, commentary on books, film, art, earthly news and the occasional short story or poem.



Monday: Update/News/Essay

Tuesday: Dreams/Poetry/Creative Non-fiction

Wednesday: Film or Book Review/Translation

Thursday: Nature/Travel



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