Why Portrait of June?

I decided to change my site name some weeks ago to match my Instagram. I wanted to condense everything into the same name and make the domain mine. I continue to have a personal site, where you’ll see my portfolio with links, photographs and other info. Bear with me while I fill it up. But even if I don’t want to admit it, Portrait of June marks a new point. For years I’ve been struggling to write consistently, usually going on and off for months, but always returning to it. Most recently I published two pieces outside of my site. I want to submit more work, but I feel a certain monotony about doing the same activity. I realize that once I come back to a piece of writing I’ve been putting off, everything tends to unfold, and what lay hidden is now flourishing. But the hardest thing is going back to it.

Perhaps it’s time to truly get out there and embrace the idea of June (I get that the month of June is over, but June is more than just a month, it’s a way of being). It’s when you’re riding your bike and the heat is quick to catch you, but you escape with the wind as the traffic light changes. It’s also when a surprise afternoon drizzle rescues you from the relentless heat, you wonder if it will become any thing more than that and you peddle home quickly. It’s a beginning that doesn’t overwhelm us so fast, but is nonetheless here, in full bloom for all to see. There’s a promise to June unlike the spring months when we were still waiting, revving up or just getting out of our cocoon. There is a sense of awakening and being fully out there, and knowing how to fly with our new set of wings. Escape if you must, but make it grand.