Swallow the pill

Strange days on the American, circus bus. 

I would have preferred to be on this bus.
I would have preferred to be on this bus, heading to the beach.

The power went out, and it’s for the best. I had the Democratic Convention playing in the background, and I had about enough of this circus parade of an election year. I can’t believe we’re at this juncture. People are about to give away this country to a wild-mouthed psycho. I also don’t appreciate how everyone is telling Bernie supporters to get over their candidate and jump on the Hillary wagon. Let people vent their frustrations, let them question the process. I’m a Bernie supporter and I’m disappointed with the voting process— the DNC favored Hill since the beginning of the election, there was voting fraud in many states, and now this grassroots movement and their candidate have to embrace Hill.

I know that not voting for anyone or voting for an Independent candidate (which I’ve done for local elections) as revenge, is a vote for the orange man. I can’t be part of a country who believes this man is fit for president. Everything he stands for is an antithesis to America. (At least I would like to believe so, but maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m not wrong.) He’s an antithesis to who I am as an individual, (an immigrant, a Latin-American, a lover of words), and everyone else I know who values integrity, brotherhood, kindness and humbleness. I also don’t want to vote for Hill. I don’t believe she’ll do anything about climate change or criminal justice reform—and especially not now after hearing about the DNC email leaks, but it’s a pill I have to swallow.

Image: blotted by me.
Image: blotted by me.

It’s unfair that we should be in this position when Bernie had the votes of the people and was robbed by the DNC and the media. His poll numbers are higher than the orange man’s by double digits. He’s the progressive candidate; the only one speaking passionately about climate change, criminal justice reform, and income inequality since the early years of his political career. Under the abrupt lights of the DNC, Bernie was telling us to unite. It didn’t feel genuine. I know Bernie was cringing inside.

The Democrats need  a better way of uniting the party and acknowledging the reservations of Bernie supporters and delegates. I know Hill’s party has adopted some of Bernie’s platforms, but it’s a mere sprinkle on top of the mountain, and I don’t think it will hold past the election if she wins. I was watching the “Bernie or bust” people on CNN, and one of the anchors said, “She will be the nominee,” with an overly emphatic tone.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s speech didn’t speak to me, as much as I had hoped. She kept repeating how Bernie has fought against the “rigged system” with the irony of the DNC email leaks hovering over her. “For the Bernie or Bust people, you’re being ridiculous,” said Sarah Silverman after her speech to the Democratic Convention. I don’t think fighting for the issues is ridiculous. “Let them be frustrated,” said Joe Biden. A democratic process is about having small factions that don’t always agree with one another, but are willing to borrow ideas and unite. The DNC needs to recognize what they did and reform the voting process to better represent its constituents. Our anger is legitimate when faced with an obviously rigged politcal system. Is this a surprise for anyone?

Democrats want to break barriers, but it shouldn’t just represent a label. “Hey, I’m a woman—vote for me.” I’m happy that a woman has a chance to be president, and is almost on her way, but this is no way to push it on us, by committing fraud and telling people to get over it. If orange man was not the other candidate, I wouldn’t vote for Hill. It’s disheartening to think that the DNC thinks its voters are sheep. One of the Bernie supporters said it best: “We’re passionate about the issues.” “It’s because of Bernie that the democratic platform is stronger.” For Bernie supporters, it’s not over. We shouldn’t give up. The Revolution continues.

But Alas, I prefer the blue pill. I say yes to humanity and debating with Hill supporters. At least she’ll make decisions within a rational spectrum, and not from a room filled with false mirrors.