Coffee in a tiny teacup


I drank too much coffee and my head is buzzing with thoughts. I usually make LaVazza espresso with a Bialetti coffee maker, which makes the process quick, and when the coffee is done I pour it in a tiny teacup and mix it with condescend milk. I’m not drinking much coffee here, but it’s enough to make my brain buzzed with caffeine. I usually drink tea, but sometimes I opt for coffee if I’ve slept too much or have a headache. I consider it a saintly day when I consume tea instead of coffee, but alas, sometimes one must rebel from the sane, calm days.

If I have more than a teacup of coffee, work productivity turns into frantic work-overload, thought-overload, and the inevitable pacing back and forth, as I think about what’s unfinished, though the day is half way done, and my “to do” list is sent into a disarray. I stare at my list, which is written on a pink notepad, and I think, “I have so many unfinished tasks.”

lemon balm tea.

I say, “Fuck this list,” as it stares at me, so I flip it over, and give it a scowl. I might as well chuck it on top of the pile of papers I have yet to review from the pile that was saved from my last cleanup day. It’s funny how many papers I’ve gathered these last couple of months of living here, most of them fliers, old bills, napkin notes, business cards, random receipts and flyers.

Onward with the day. The sun is gone, and now a momentary threat of rain, with the slurring of thunder in the distance.